ratbag’s review

“The Way Way Back” is a coming of age story about a teenage boy named Duncan who was dragged along for a summer holiday with his mother and her mean boyfriend. When times get tough, he escapes to the water park nearby, where Owen (played by Sam Rockwell) takes him under his wing.

I admit the reason why I saw this film was because I like Sam Rockwell 🙂 He usually manages to pick interesting characters. In addition the film poster mentioned something about being the studio that brought us Little Miss Sunshine and Juno.

I enjoyed the movie tremendously. I like how they steered well away from introducing a romantic angle, and instead concentrated on developing Duncan’s character. There were a lot of other interesting characters at the water park — most of the funny scenes took place there.

In all, I recommend The Way Way Back — a very fitting movie for the summer holidays!


aelst’s review

The Way Way Back is a  feelgood comedy about an unmarried couple and their step kids who go on a summer vacation to a seaside town.

The mean dad has a daughter who thinks she’s cool, and the mum has a socially awkward kid.

The kid, Duncan, sometimes escapes from the obligatory family gatherings and hangs out at the water park. There he finds a life mentor, Owen, who is a bit of an larrikin, but forgivable as he’s funny.

There is also another creepy kid with a lazy eye. He reminds me of the boy chasing Sally from Mad Men.

2 of the characters are very fast talkers and tell a lot of jokes. This shows the awkward contrast between the quieter characters like the mum and Duncan.

Before this movie, I had only seen Steve Carrell delivering the funny lines in comedies. In this movie the other characters do that.