aelst’s review

Soylent Green is set in a dystopian future where the world’s food resources are nearly depleted. There is severe overpopulation. Ordinary people are starving and laze around stairwells or in churches. Food is so scarce that tasty treats now include lettuce.

The only well to do people are those in the police force, employees of Soylent Corp, and women who are sexy furniture. Soylent Corp manufactures Soylent Green biscuits which are rationed to the poor. These bland morsels are manufactured out of plankton.

The storyline is about a police cop who investigates a murder of a Soylent Corp executive. As he investigates he unravels the truth about the food system.
Memorable scenes include the poor queuing to receive their allotted rations of Solyent Green. One day, rations have run out and rioting ensues. Scoops (slow moving garbage trucks) arrive and pick up people and compact them like garbage.
Another interesting part if where the cop’s partner checks out at the euthanasia clinic. He gets to see a nice video of nature before dying.