Hot Tub Time Machine

ratbag’s review

I felt that the jokes in this movie were pretty flat, and was at times bored even with catchy 80’s music blaring in the foreground. Rod Corddry has successfully portrayed the most annoying character in movie history. At times I found my thoughts wandering during the movie and concentrated on picking out the hard bits from the popcorn bucket instead. John Cusack can no longer be trusted to pick watchable movies any more …

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  1. Strangely enough, I didn’t see this high, but I might as well have becusae I seem to have liked this one a whole lot more than everyone else. Something about Crispin glover at the beginning angrily chucking luggage off of their cart with one arm then asking for a tip had me howling. Actually thought it was the better than The Hangover, but I’m high as balls right now. I’m always high. ALWAYS.

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