aelst’s review

A monster takes over NYC. The whole film is shot using a handy cam, and its very jerky and annoying. You can get motion sick from this! The characters are annoying, I didn’t care who lived or died. You don’t get to see enough of the monster or special effects. And there is no scientific explanation, but the alien type babies were funny.

2 out of 5 stars.

ratbag’s review

If you’re prone to motion-sickness, you might probably want to come be prepared. If you’re allergic to annoying young Americans yelling about which direction to run in times of danger (AWAY from it, not TOWARDS it, duh!) and a jock for a cameraman / narrator, then you might probably want to avoid this movie.

I had no idea this was a “monster” movie — all I saw of trailers were the head of the Statue of Liberty bouncing down the street. And this wasn’t really a monster movie — it’s about these young annoying folks and their problems (X loves Y but Y has slept with Z and X doesn’t have the guts to say something, you know, the usual post-teen dilemma) with a monster roaming about in the background. I guess this movie qualifies as a monster flick, because the characters make dumb decisions that lead to them being killed off at different times.

If you’re here for the monsters only, then I recommend waiting for about 25 minutes into the movie, until after the boring house party scenes are over, followed by some scenes of mild chaos. Some parasitic monsters appear about halfway through the movie — although they remind me of the facehuggers in Aliens, they are nowhere as cool.

The only actor worth mentioning is Lizzy Caplan, whose cool demeanour reminds me of Sean Young’s character in Blade Runner. Otherwise, everyone else is stock-standard monster fodder …