aelst’s review

Teen comedy/growing up/romance film about a bratty presidents’ daughter who doesn’t have enough personal freedom so she runs away and goes gallivanting around Europe. This is a horrible movie — all the characters are either boring or stupid.

If you’re a 12 year old girl whose only dream is going to Europe to pick up a sexy man then this movie is great, otherwise don’t waste your time. If you want to see a slightly smarter movie with a European backdrop then go watch Before Sunrise or Before Sunset.

1/2 a star because the main actress isn’t ugly.

ratbag’s review

Ho-hum … yet another teenage girl coming-of-age story. Anna (Mandy Moore) is a fine example of why some fathers feel like they need to lock up their daughters. With her newfound freedom, Anna goes skinny dipping in the river (in front of diners and paparazzi), disrobes in several occasions, attempts to sleep with the first man that’s nice to her, and engages in various other reckless activities, such as sparking several car chases down narrow lanes in Europe, etc. Her character is hardly a role model for teenage girls who might worship the actress/singer, and reinforces the perception that American women are easy.