aelst’s review

Ugly documentary about a family who has pedophile case brought against them. We get commentary from members of the family who are still alive, and snippets of cam-corder footage that the family had taking of themselves during the earlier years. They had a habit of video taping each other, and so act naturally on film. This makes it very uncomfortable to watch, as if we really are spying on them. The acts of the alleged crime are described explicitly and this adds to the disturbing nature of the movie.

This movie made me think about fear and how to manipulate it, and why are some people so easily offended and sheltered?

Walking out of the cinema I heard someone remark that it wasn’t about a heist as he thought 🙂 It certainly isn’t, and its best if you’re prepared for subject matter.

Great movie. 4 out of 5 stars.

ratbag’s review

The Friedmans will be the most neurotic and dysfunctional family you will ever meet — and they’re supposedly Real People TM!

“Capturing the Friedmans” is a disturbing documentary, firstly because it deals with the topic of pedophilia, secondly it makes you question the nature of truth. Just when we start to think we have it all figured out, additional footage is shown to change our minds again. By the end of the movie, we are so confused, and not know who to believe that we have to stop thinking about it, or go crazy!

The Friedmans, on the outside, seemed like an average, happy family. Their obsessiveness with filming everything remind me of some dads that I know. The reason why this documentary was so disturbing was that beneath the normality that we can all relate to, something as sinister as what was revealed to us can exist. Even more disturbing is how people can be so easily (mis)lead by the media, yield to peer pressure, make absurd accusations, be so ignorant, etc.

I highly recommend “Capturing the Friedman” — it will change your perspective on life and people!