aelst’s review

Set in London, Bright Star is a romantic tale about Keats and a girl he falls in love with. As a period film, it focuses on how life was back then – disease, getting married means the husband must provide for the family, entertainment consists of sewing, walking in the woods, letting butterflies into your room, or attending recitals. Costumes were good. The girl is obsessed with clothing. I do not intentionally watch period films, but happily finished watching this movie – the dialogue is quite interesting.

A strange parallel with today is Keats and his friend are poor starving artists, though their flat was huge so they came across as being spoilt. All they do is write poetry all day. Could you really make enough money back then to make it a career? I suppose Yeats is famous (not that I know any of his poems, or can recite a single line but I have heard of him) so that’s excusable.

They mentioned Kentish Town (which is where we live now!) and refer to it as a slum. These days it is much better.